• The Solution
  • Wood biomass can provide 10% of the UK’s renewable energy requirement.

    Ignis Biomass’s solution is cost effective, sustainable and efficient; it delivers real benefits in resource management and the supply of renewable energy.

    Our approach is to develop, own and operate energy plants that are both small and efficient. This allows the energy supply to be made at a scale that matches local needs, and thus make the best possible use of the electricity, and heat that otherwise would be wasted. This approach is called co-generation, or combined heat and power (CHP), and is widely used in countries such as Germany, Austria and Scandinavia.

  • Each plant will save 20 000 tonnes per year of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere.

    Typical customers are businesses or local authorities which require heat (as hot water or steam) and electricity.  Any excess co-generated electricity is delivered to the national grid.

    To establish a long term supply of fuel, Ignis Biomass works with local authorities and other waste producers to source wood biomass. By using wood from local sources, substantial quantities of material are recovered in a sustainable form.